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  • The pattern of toast

    Menu of sad mushrooms   
    Plain white toast is hard to avoid if you eat too much. To create fancy white toast, the whole strategy is coming! My favorite friends come to collect it quickly

  • Strong mango fragrance in love

    Xiaomei's menu   
    The Golden Mango looks very beautiful and delicious. It not only has delicate flesh and unique flavor, but also can be made into various kinds of delicious food

  • The practice of Zizania latifolia

    Xiaomei's menu   
    The taste of Zizania latifolia is clear and sweet, with a light fresh smell and a very comfortable smell. Zizania latifolia is not only delicious, it is rich in vitamins, but also has the effect of heat clearing and detoxification

  • Small full health season, fat oil bogey first

    Xiaomei's menu   
    Xiaoman is the beginning of the hot summer. When people's life is irregular, food is uncertain or spicy and greasy, it will produce internal heat, such as sore mouth.

  • A hundred ways to make delicious spareribs

    Xiaomei's menu   
    I think everyone likes to eat delicious and delicious spareribs. Today, I will bring you n kinds of delicious and delicious spareribs to make your mouth water

  • Garlic flavor

    Xiaomei's menu   
    Garlic flavor is a kind of flavor type widely used in Chinese and Western food seasoning, which is widely used in southern and Northern China. Garlic is fresh, salty and slightly spicy.

  • Ultimate Guide to oyster feast!

    Xiaomei's menu   
    French people compare oyster to "milk in the sea". Its taste is very delicious. The ultimate guide to oyster feast is for you! It's fresh, tender and delicious!

  • White fungus soup is essential for beauty!

    Xiaomei's menu   
    Tremella soup is sweet, smooth and delicious. And for women with a good rejuvenation beauty Oh, after drinking beautiful Da!

  • Loquat sweet, is the taste of early summer ~

    Menu of turtles   
    Loquat fruit can moisten lung, relieve cough and quench thirst. Peel loquat when you eat it. In addition to fresh eating, there are also canned sugar water, or wine with loquat.

  • Clam, steamed and stir fried

    Xiaomei's menu   
    Razor clam meat is delicious and is a common seafood. There are many ways to do it at home. It tastes great. Try it if you don't believe it

  • Pea: sweet and soft, delicious and nutritious!

    Xiaomei's menu   
    It's time for fresh peas to come on the market. The fresh and crisp peas, boiled and fried at home, are delicious, simple and nutritious.

  • Miss pineapple, it's up to you!

    Xiaomei's menu   
    Pineapple as a fresh food, golden color, rich flavor, sweet and sour palatable, crisp and juicy. Can smell its fragrance from afar, let a person be intoxicated, saliva DC.

  • Guyu health - fire prevention and dampness elimination

    Xiaomei's menu   
    Grain rain is the last solar term in spring. With the increase of rainfall, the humidity in the air gradually increases. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to nourishing the spleen in diet, and it is better to eat less sour food and more sweet food.

  • Anti allergy diet in spring

    Xiaomei's menu   
    Spring is the season of recovery of all things, but also the season of high incidence of allergy. Don't you want to blush and get pimples? How does spring allergy do?

  • Delicious pork floss

    Xiaomei's menu   
    Pork floss is one of the famous specialties in China. It is made from lean pork, fish and chicken. It is named after its loose texture. It is nutritious and delicious

  • Crisp lettuce, vegetarians' favorite

    Xiaomei's menu   
    Lettuce can be eaten raw, cold mixed, fried, dried or pickled, and the tender leaves can also be eaten. Crispy and refreshing, it is a favorite ingredient for vegetarians.

  • A complete set of domestic practices of Chinese toon

    Xiaomei's menu   
    Another year, the Chinese toon season, these homely practices are simple and delicious, and Xiaobai can do it. If you miss it, you have to wait another year!

  • Faba bean season, greedy you did not discuss

    Xiaomei's menu   
    Faba bean is rich in nutrition and contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids. The green in the spring makes the mood excited and the appetite begins to soar.

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